From creating superb new buildings from scratch to adapting, conserving and enhancing some of the worlds loved structures, our Architecture and Building Consultancy teams invest long-term in the building heritage.

Structural evaluations to inspect a building to see that it is compliant with codes and regulations enforced by government agencies. If a structure needs to be remodeled in order to become compliant, Surveys, design, project-management, maintenance, legal support, listed buildings advice – all the services you could need are offered in-house by our experts. We advise business managers and owners prior to building or remodeling. Bi-Brent can oversee actual construction to ensure that work is being performed in a timely and cost effective manner.

We also provide business managers with solutions regarding building design. For example, a manager in the manufacturing industry who needs to implement new equipment might consult Bi-Brent to learn how to most effectively improve the design of his or her facility. Bi-Brent, research the specific needs and regulations regarding an industry and provide a manager with a plan that is compliant, logical, and at a cost that is reasonable for his or her budget.