The biggest benefit in erecting a barbed wire fence is the security factor it offers, serves as a deterrent to pest/predators and its aesthetics enhancement. It is ideal for securing properties such as your house and business premises. Due to its sharp barbed wires, it is able to keep out intruders and people who look to gain unlawful entry to your property.

 You have a choice between the following: wooden fences, barbed wire fences, vinyl fences, steel fences and chain link fences.

Other benefits include:

  • Offer impressive resistance to rust and corrosion (rust-proof)
  • Rigid and extremely durable.
  • Does not require repainting.
  • Does not require periodic maintenance (other than ‘dusting’)
  • Adjoining fence sections don’t need to be welded together.
  • Does not require exterior fasteners

We stock different styles, patterns and colors that homeowners can select from to complement their residential architecture.