Bi-Brent is a limited liability company which commenced operations in 2013 as a Business Enterprise. We became fully incorporated in 2015 as a result of rapid growth and business expansion. We specialize in Civil Construction, Full Engineering Services, External Wall Finishes & Facades-Cladding (Aluminium Panels and Custom Natural Stones’) Curtain Walls(Glazing), Custom Architectural Millwork (Polyutherane mouldings with emphasis on the exterior) Cornices, Poly-Carbonate Canopy, Wire Fencing and Road Surface Marking.

Interior Finishes- Partition, Window blind, Suspended Ceiling, Glass Blocks, Interior Architecture, Stainless Steel Rail, Doors, Custom Kitchen & Interiors, using the best quality products.

We also offer our clients advisory services in their choice of materials and designs without compromising standards. As a relatively young and fast growing organization, we understand the importance of exceptional service and we have developed a culture of excellence and professionalism in discharging our functions to our clients.

Our goal in Bi-Brent Limited is to become the one-stop Architectural Solutions Depot for your buildings custom and exquisite finishes for interiors and exteriors. We pride ourselves in our capability to satisfy the trimming and accentuation of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The Bi-Brent impact is that uncommon aesthetics in the class and quality of finishing, for endless satisfaction and pride. The Bi-Brent dream therefore is to develop the capacity to provide and sell the much-needed “solutions”, (not just products) that are urgently needed to bring sanity, order, quality and professional embellishment of our building projects, which invariably enhances the overall aesthetics and appreciation of the architectural environment.

Our prospective clients would include, but not limited to Builders, Developers, Architects, Engineers, Corporate Organizations, Government and Home Owners.

Our Team

We boast of a team of competent Architects, Engineers and Installers who have penchant for precision. They are vast, experienced and committed individuals who will give their all to deliver a perfect job on schedule.


To be the world leader, the Client's first choice, in construction, architectural design related services and project development.


To deliver world-class services and developments by leveraging global best practices, strategic partnerships, excellence and innovation.


Our quality control and quality improvement are inseparable; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.

Health and Safety Policies

Our health and safety policy is of global best practice in the industry. We recognize and appreciate the importance of a safe and healthy work environment and also the wellness and physical fitness of our staff. To ensure our employees are working in a safe environment at all times, we ensure and mandate the use of safety wears, gadgets, clean construction site, and constant training on the use and operations of machines, safety signs and symbols in work areas.