About Us

At Bi-Brent, our purpose is to improve lives by investing in the development, management, and maintenance of world-class Real Estate offerings across Nigeria and in Africa. Bi-Brent Limited is committed to Africapitalism – the idea that, through our long-term investment in real estate, we are building an African-owned business, creating employment, economic prosperity, and social wealth that can help transform the continent. Our vision is to be Nigeria’s foremost and exceptional real estate company that creates long-term value for all stakeholders. Bi-Brent Properties is a property management, investment, and development company, offering end-to-end services along the real estate value chain, from management to joint-venture investments


Innovation To Real Estate!

Bi-Brent is pioneering the opportunities presented by an institutional approach to real estate, serving niche markets throughout Nigeria and beyond. We bring innovation to the real estate sector in Nigeria and other African countries by drawing on experience, new competencies, and technology to achieve continuous improvement in service delivery to our clientele. We are an investee company of the Bi-Brent Group, a family of Nigeria company whose name is inspired by the desire to leave a legacy.