Bi-Brent Glass canopies are both eminently practical and aesthetically stunning. As an architectural feature, glass canopies are incredibly flexible. We can make them in a wide array of shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. With Glass, Stainless Steel, and Mild Steel, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your property.

Glass canopies are easy to install, cost-effective, and provide excellent shelter in unpleasant weather. Glass canopies can also be used to create glass links or corridors between two spaces. For example, if you have an outbuilding or garden room situated close to the main property, you might wish to use a glass canopy to connect the two with a walkway. That way, people can easily move between them whilst staying dry.

Bi-Brent Limited glass canopy provides an attractive and practical feature to a building, usually outside entrance doors. The canopy will protect people entering the building, and help to keep rain or any bad weather from also entering. It also allows more natural light into the entrance area compared to a solid canopy. Bi-Brent Glass Canopy strikes an external design that is transformative on the overall look of the building.