We provide and deliver full engineering services, civil construction, innovative geotechnical and geophysical services that includes interpretation/modelling software packages, environmental assessment and management, groundwater production, monitoring and sampling instruments, field data acquisition accessories, state of the art geologic tools for processing and interpretation, data management analysis, visualization, simulations and production, with complete range of training and support services for environmental consultants, governments agencies, industries and educational/research institutions.

Scope of services includes:-

  • Civil construction.
  • Geotechnical services.
  • Environmental Management.

We also offer the following services:-

  • Geologic mapping (Based on field data and sampling)
  • Core logging.
  • Geochemical Sampling and analysis.
  • Geo-statistical analysis.
  • Geotechnical sampling, analysis and modelling.
  • Data base design and management.
  • Geographic Information system design and management.
  • Borehole drilling and ground water development.
Description of Equipments Quantity Manufacturer/Model
Percussion drilling rig 6 Dando wayfere
Electric powered Rotary Pilling rig 2 Solotec & Deepwells   Inc.
Hand auger tools 2 Nigeria
2.5 tons capacity dutch cone pentrometre machine

Pemtrometre machine

2 Netherlands
10 tons Capacity dutch cone penetrometer machine 1 UK
Hand held vane shear tester 1 Soil Mech. Uk
Concrete Mixer 2 Semen Id
Block Moulding Machine (Vibratory 2 Made in Nigeria
Pocker Vibrator 1 Lister
Petrol Welding Machine-Mobile 2 Lister
Diesel Welding Generator 2 Denyo
Oxy-acetylene burning set 2 Saer
Mobile Generator (40 KVA) 1 Denyo
Mobile Generator (5KVA) 2 Tiger
Submersible Water pump 4 Saer
Golotine Machine 1 Made in Nigeria
Levelling Instrument 2 Sokkia c35
Pile Load Test Equipment 1 Enerpac. Inc

Other equipment are hired/leased based on the scope/duration of work.