This is the design of a space which has been created by structural boundaries and the human interaction within these boundaries. It can also be the initial design and plan for use, then later redesign to accommodate a changed purpose, or a significantly revised design for adaptive reuse of the building shell. The latter is often part of sustainable architecture practices, conserving resources through recycling a structure by adaptive redesign. Generally referred to as the spatial art of environmental design, form and practice, interior architecture is the process through which the interiors of buildings are designed, concerned with all aspects of the human uses of structural spaces.


Bi-Brent provides comprehensive space management and planning services that will help you take your project from vision to completion while minimizing headaches and maximizing value. From big picture strategic planning and management to targeted support, Bi Brent has the experience and expertise to handle a broad spectrum of space planning, move management, and interiors projects.

We use a comprehensive, streamlined approach to make your office a productive office. We develop cost-saving solutions that provide the most efficient layout of available space for countless business environments. Working as part of client team, we focus on personalizing spaces for clients based on specific functional and aesthetic needs to deliver innovative workplace solutions.

  • Space Management.
  • Workspace Design.
  • Interior Design.
  • Furniture Management.