Polyurethane Mouldings and Balustrades

When decorating a home, people only pay attention to the interior. The exterior is as important as the interior. It doesn’t matter what style the exterior of your home is- you can make a big difference in your home with Bi-Brent’s provided solution of exterior architectural products.

The simple act of adding Bi-Brent’s Natural Stone Claddings, High Density Polyurethane Trims to your walls, windows, front doors etc. can give your house a down-home flavor or make it feel like an island hideaway.

A stunning collection of decorative mosaics to add colour and enhance any living environment. We add contemporary elegance to room floor, exterior/interior walls, kitchen’s backsplashes, tubs and shower surronds, pools and spas and many more applications. Exquisite and timeless in looks and appeal.

Bi-Brent natural stone provide you with an eclectic array of Natural Stones. Our stock includes four widely used stones, the Slate, Quartzite, Travertine and Mushroom. Our Natural Stone offers a unique weathered look for a timeless appreciation of beauty, style and class.

Polyurethane Mouldings

Bi-Brent has undertaken the initial bold step of revolutionizing the Architectural millwork industry and limited its usage in Nigeria , by developing and introducing the high density polyurethane molding for external applications as “TRIMS & ACCENTS” on buildings generally.

Polyurethane is a high density composite material that can be moulded to provide the uncommon crisp and fine detail of traditional plaster or even hand-carved wood millwork. It has inherent advantage of its light weight, rust-free, life warranty, easy to install and able to be used on the exterior of buildings. Hitherto, Polyurethane mouldings have been and are still being used almost exclusively for interiors only, as Crown mouldings, Baseboards, Stair brackets, Corbels, Ceiling tiles Panel mouldings, Column Capital and bases, Gable vents, Roof facias, Column Casings, Chair rails and Wainscoting.


Balustrades is one of the finest architectural elements that exists; and we design the absolute best balustrades product for the market. Our balustrade system is a hybrid system that utilizes the strength, crisp details and durability of polyurethane.

Polyurethane is the only light-weight system that can span 16 lengths without needing a new post or column. Not only is it the strongest system available, but with our Quick-Install brackets, it is also the quickest and easiest to install. Additionally, we made sure it is the most cost-effective system you will find only because it is a Bi-Brent product.

Your home façade needs just a touch of style, Bi-Brent’s exterior architectural products of Trims and Accents are all you need to give that feeling of refinement and elegance.