Perimeter Fence

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Do you know that an un-gated parking lot or property is an invitation to the unwanted “adventurer” or passerby?

Erecting a perimeter fence can protect against vandalism and unwanted off-hours visitors participating in miscreant activity. It can also keep your property free of litter from passersby.

It is important to remember that protection of your physical property is still of paramount importance and one of the most effective ways of property protection is a gated perimeter security.

It is also important to hire a professional high security fence contractor because a poorly designed fence can weaken your commercial property security.

At Bi-Brent Limited, we stock different styles, patterns and colors of Perimeter Fence that you can select from to secure your properties. We cover all the bases, offering both mesh and palisade security fencing that is constructed by experts using high-quality materials.

For more information and to tour our Perimeter/Mesh Fence gallery, please visit or to get a free quote on the type of perimeter fence you would like.

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